Alaris PC Unit model 8015 Service Bulletin 597 Historical Log Data Oct 2016

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Service Bulletin 597 Clearing AlarisTM PC Unit Historical Log Data  Products Affected: Date:  AlarisTM PC Unit, Model 8015 October 2016  Subject:  Clearing Alaris PC Unit Historical Log Data  Purpose This bulletin provides instructions for the clearing of all infusion log data from the Alaris PC unit. This is reference information only and is not intended to suggest a need for component changes.  References • • • •  Alaris System Maintenance (ASM) Software User Manual Alaris PC Unit, Model 8015, Software and Hardware Upgrade Instructions Alaris PC Unit, Model 8015, Software and Hardware Downgrade Instructions Alaris PC Unit, Model 8015, and Alaris Pump Module, Model 8100 Technical Service Manual (P/N 12238272, ordered as P/N 10848481)  Accessing Documentation For North American customers, service manuals, service bulletins, and software upgrade instructions are available through the CareFusion Customer Portal. The link below takes you to the portal’s Welcome screen: 1. If you are registered, enter your email and password, and click LOGIN. If you are not registered yet, click SIGN UP, and follow the prompts. 2. On the CareFusion Customer Portal home page, click CONTENT LIBRARY. 3. When the library page appears, select Service bulletins and manuals in the Content Type field to find the information you seek. For customers outside of North America, contact CareFusion Customer Support with Infusion Technical queries/questions at:  Parts and Tools Required • • •  Windows™-based computer (with DVD/CD-ROM Drive) with Alaris System Maintenance CareFusion point of care software product DVDs for two different versions CompactFlash™ (CF) memory cards in FAT/FAT16 format, 64 MB, CareFusion recommends SwissBit™ CF, SFCF0064HIBKI-c MG-352-MA (or equivalent) -CareFusion as P/N 10012641 NOTE: Other CF memory cards have not been validated for use in this process. • Extender Board Kit, 2 extender boards P/N 49000066. (Only needed if the 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless board has already been installed and the Alaris PC unit needs to be reflashed.)  P/N P00000194  Page 1 of 6
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