Alaris PCAM Infusion Pump End of Sales Sept 2016

End of Sales

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CareFusion Australia 316 Pty Ltd Unit 3, 167 Prospect Highway PO Box 355 Seven Hills NSW 2147  t: + 612 9624 9000 f: + 612 9624 9034 Customer Service PH: 1800 833 372 Customer Service Fax: 1800 833 518  21st September 2016  Dear Valued Customer: Director of Biomedical Engineering Director of Nursing Director of Pharmacy Director of Information Technology RE: End of Sales of BD Alaris™ PCAM Infusion Pump in ANZ We would like to thank you for your valued support of BD AlarisTM PCAM infusion pumps from BD (formerly CareFusion). With all technology based products, there comes a time when innovation and development drive change. This ensures we are providing you with the most advanced and relevant equipment on the market. In an effort to support your equipment planning, we want to give you an update of the PCAM Infusion Pump. We recognise this may have an impact on your facility and want to ensure understanding that this announcement does not mean an immediate end to service and support. Product availability and support services for the PCAM will be changed according to the following schedule: Pump Model BD AlarisTM PCAM  Current SKU  End of Sales Information  50012GB01  End of Sales – expected January 2017. Alaris PCAM pumps will still be available for sale whilst stock lasts. Service and support of the Alaris PCAM pump is planned for up to seven years or until spare parts are no longer available.  End of Sales – indicates the pump will no longer be manufactured, hence supply and the sale of the product will no longer be possible. The date is an indication only, and may vary due to supply of stock. Our records indicate that your facility has purchased the PCAM in the past. Please disregard this letter if your facility has changed technology or is currently using the Alaris System PCA pumps. We value your loyalty to the infusion system and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you require assistance, or would like to discuss a trade in for your Alaris PCAM to upgrade to Alaris System PCA pumps, please contact your local Sales Representative. Thank you again for supporting the use of our systems. We look forward to the continuation of our partnership.  Sincerely,  G. Bekos Gina Bekos Product Manager Infusion System  CareFusion Australia 316 Pty Ltd., a BD company A.B.N. 26 003 080 215. AL496/Sep16/v1
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