Alaris PK Syringe Pump MK4 sw ver 3.4x and above has alarm changes Issue 1 July 2015

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Switzerland t CareFusion 317 Sàrl  A-One Business Centre Z.A. Vers-La-Pièce n°10 1180 Rolle / Switzerland +41 21 556 30 00 tel +41 21 556 30 99 fax  Information Notice: IN0207 Issue:  1  Date Issued:  July 2015  Status:  Information Only  Change Order:  14673  Subject:  Alaris™ PK Syringe Pump Mk4  Models:  8005TIG01  Software Version  3.4.x or above  OVERVIEW This Information Notice relates to the Alaris™ PK Syringe Pump MK4 (Pump) release. As part of CareFusion process of continuous improvement, a number of components and assemblies for the Pump have been revised to meet the latest regulatory standards. Note: The User Interface and operation is identical to that of the MK3 Pump and the performance remains unaffected. With a revision to the display technology and LED backlighting, the updated module will deliver a slight change in colour appearance and an improved viewing angle.  A  The Pumps can be identified as MK4 version by the MK4 on the label on the rear case, see image right, or by verifying the software version as 3.4.x or above on power up.  The Alaris PK Syringe Pump MK4 software version 3.4.x or above release has alarm changes for 60601 3rd Edition compliance. SCOPE This communication is to identify all the changes for the Alaris PK Syringe Pump MK4 from the information in the Technical Service Manual for the Pump. DESCRIPTION The MK4 syringe pumps bring a significant update in PCB Assembly components with no change to the intuitive User Interface. Major enhancements include: • Quicker key response driven by a faster microprocessor, twice the speed of MK3 • Smaller Control Board, simplifying assembly • Integrated RS232 and Nurse call functionality • Enhanced cabling and shielding • New enhanced display, improved contrast and viewing angle  © 2015 CareFusion Corporation or one of its affiliates. All rights reserved. CareFusion, Alaris and the CareFusion Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of CareFusion Corporation or one of its affiliates. All rights reserved. For additional information, please contact your local office or distributor. IN0207 Issue 1  Page 1 of 4
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