Alaris Pump Module Frequently Asked Questions July 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

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Alaris™ Pump module FAQs 07.15.2016  Alaris™ Pump module FAQs 1.  What makes the Alaris Pump module unique? Safety (Guardrails® Suite MX software), modularity, common user interface, ease of use and versatility.  2.  Where are Pump modules used most often? Pump modules are typically used throughout healthcare facilities for large volume infusions and indicated for use on adults, pediatrics and neonates through clinically acceptable routes of administration such as: intravenous (IV), intra-arterial (IA), subcutaneous, epidural, enteral or irrigation of fluid spaces.  3.  What type of infusions are Pump modules used for? Pump modules are typically intended for facilities that utilize infusion pumps for the delivery of fluids, medications, blood and blood products using continuous, bolus or intermittent delivery.  4.  Can blood and blood products be infused through the Alaris Pump module? Yes. The Alaris Pump module causes no clinically significant hemolysis while infusing red cells or platelets. The following are some of the blood administration sets that can be used to administer blood products:           5.  10013037 (180 micron filter): SmartSite® needle-free valve set 2177-0000 (180 micron filter): VersaSafe™ split septum port set 2477-0000 (180 micron filter): SmartSite needle-free valve set 2477-0007 (180 micron filter): SmartSite needle-free valve set 2478-0000 (180 micron filter): SmartSite needle-free valve set 2278-0500 (200 micron filter): No port set 10015414 (180 micron filter): No port set 10062818 (180 micron filter): No port set  Does the Alaris Pump module require dedicated IV administration sets? Yes, the Alaris Pump module administration sets were developed for specific use with the Alaris Pump module. By manufacturing both the infusion devices and applicable administration sets we can ensure and confirm the stated accuracy flow rates. BD offers a wide variety of dedicated IV administration sets for the Alaris Pump module. Use of any other sets may cause improper instrument operation, resulting in an inaccurate fluid delivery or other potential hazard.  Page 1
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