Alaris Pump Module Set Loading and Unloading Guide Aug 2015


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Set loading and unloading guide for the Alaris Pump module ®  Alaris System ®  Loading: 1. Drop from the top. Hold the upper fitment above the fitment recess and lower it into the recess. (Figure 1) Warning: Do NOT push or snap the upper fitment snugly into the upper recess. Do not touch, stretch or flick the pumping segment.  1  2. The grooves in the fitment should fit square in the upper fitment tubing retainer. (Figure 2) 3. Blue to blue. Ensure the tubing is not twisted and press the blue safety clamp fitment into the blue recess. (Figure 3) 4. Thread it through. Firmly push the tubing toward the back of the air-in-line detector. (Figure 4) 5. Gently close the module door. Grasp the top of the module with one hand while lowering the latch with the other hand.  2  3  4  5  6. Open the roller clamp and verify that no fluid is flowing through the drip chamber. 7. A properly loaded upper fitment will fit loosely in the recess. (Figure 5) Note: If the pump is on when a set is loaded with the safety clamp fitment in the open position, the pump will alarm for safety clamp open.  Unloading: 1. Close the roller clamp. (Figure 6) 2. Open pump module door. The safety clamp fitment is automatically closed. 3. Gently pull tubing below air-in-line detector forward and out. (Figure 7) 4. Lift upper fitment out of the recess. (Figure 8) 5. When reloading an administration set, leave the safety clamp fitment in the closed position.  6  7  For product support, contact Customer Advocacy at 888.812.3266 or For technical support, contact Instrument Technical Support at 888.812.3229. For product orders, contact Customer Order Management at 800.482.4822. © 2015 CareFusion Corporation or one of its affiliates. All rights reserved. Alaris, CareFusion and the CareFusion logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of CareFusion Corporation or one of its affiliates. IF5135 (0815/2500)  CareFusion San Diego, CA  8
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