Alaris Pump module System Training Checklist for Best Practices Cleaning March 2016

Training Checklist for Best Practices Cleaning

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Training Checklist: Best Practices for Cleaning Alaris™ System Devices  This checklist is designed as a tool for clinical personnel after viewing the Proper Cleaning Techniques for the Alaris™ Pump module video and Alaris System Cleaning Best Practices Tip Sheet. This checklist can also serve as an ongoing review and reinforcement for Best practices for cleaning Alaris System devices.  Name: Employees Initials upon review  Department: Reinforcement and description  Cleaning the case-use recommended cleaners ONLY A recommended, approved cleaning solution is being used on the Alaris System. I understand when wiping down all exposed surfaces (except the IUI connectors) to NOT use an oversaturated cloth and have squeezed out excess liquid. I know to use a dedicated soft-bristled brush to clean the case to remove any visible residue and may be used to clean narrow or hard-to-reach areas. I do not use the same brush used on the case to clean the IUI connectors to avoid inadvertently transfer the cleaner or contaminants to the electrical contacts. I follow the cleaner manufacturer’s instructions on the time to leave it on the device surface. I do not allow the cleaner to collect on the instrument, then remove the cleaner using a soft cloth dampened with water. I follow the instructions to clean the Air in Line detector inside the pump module as needed, using a cotton swab moistened with only water.  Cleaning the Inter Unit Interface (IUI)Connectors-70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) ONLY When cleaning both IUI connectors on the sides of each module, I apply 70% IPA directly to a separate dedicated IUI cleaning brush and to prevent cross-contamination, I do not dip the brush into the IPA. I realize to avoid accidental fluid deposits on the connectors, to NOT use any spray cleaners anywhere near the IUI connectors and NEVER ALLOW ANY CLEANER OTHER THAN 70% IPA TO CONTACT THE IUI CONNECTORS.  Drying, Inspection and Proper Handling I understand the importance of allowing all modules and IUI connectors to thoroughly dry and DO NOT attach devices that have not fully dried to one another as “wet mating” can hinder proper instrument operation. I realize part of the cleaning process includes inspection of all Alaris System modules. My inspection includes: •  any visible external damage  •  cracked or broken door, handle or latch  •  cracks or damage inside the door of each pump module  I realize part of the cleaning process includes inspection of the IUI connectors on both sides  1 of 2
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