Alaris Syringe Pump GH CC MK4 Alarm Changes Issue 1 July 2015

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Switzerland t CareFusion 317 Sàrl  A-One Business Centre Z.A. Vers-La-Pièce n°10 1180 Rolle / Switzerland +41 21 556 30 00 tel +41 21 556 30 99 fax  Information Notice: IN0201  Subject:  Alaris™ GH/CC Syringe Pump Mk4 Alarm Changes  Issue:  1  Date Issued:  July 2015  Models:  8002MED01, 8002MED01-G, 8003MED01, 8003MED01-G, 8002TIG01, 8002TIG01-G, 8003TIG01, 8003TIG01-G  Status:  Information Only  4.3.x or above  Change Order:  14567  Software Version:  OVERVIEW This Information Notice relates to the Alaris™ GH/CC Syringe Pumps Mk4 (Pump) release with alarm changes for 60601 3rd Edition compliance. SCOPE This communication is to identify all the alarm changes for the Pumps from the information in the Technical Service Manual for the Pump. DESCRIPTION Changes to the Pump software to meet 60601 3rd Edition requirements include the following: • Reminder Signal under GENERAL OPTIONS • Alarm Presets option The Technical Service Manual and the Directions For Use should be referred to for all further information. GENERAL OPTIONS 1. Hold down b and turn the pump on. 2. Enter the access code 251 using the f keys and the NEXT softkey. 3. When the code shows on screen, press OK to confirm. 4. Select GENERAL OPTIONS from the Configured Options menu using the f keys and press the OK softkey. 5. Select the option required to enable/disable or adjust and press the MODIFY softkey. 6. When all the required modifications have been carried out press the QUIT softkey. 7. Either select the next configuration option from the menu or turn the Pump off, returning it to operation as required. NURSE CALL FITTED  Enables Nurse Call (hardware option).  NURSE CALL INVERT  When enabled, the nurse call output is inverted.  RS232 SELECTED  Sets the Pump's communications to use RS232 (hardware option). The NURSE CALL FITTED option must be enabled to allow RS232 to be enabled.  REMINDER SIGNAL  When enabled there is a 10 minute audible notification for the Low Battery and Near End Of Infusion alarms.  © 2015 CareFusion Corporation or one of its affiliates. All rights reserved. CareFusion, Alaris and the CareFusion Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of CareFusion Corporation or one of its affiliates. All rights reserved. For additional information, please contact your local office or distributor. IN0201 Issue 1  Page 1 of 3
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