Alaris System PC Unit Pump Module and Syringe Module Delay Options Guide Dec 2019


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Programming infusions with Delay Options BD Alaris™ Pump Module and Alaris™ Syringe Module  What is the Delay Options feature? The Delay Options feature allows the user to schedule and program an infusion to be delayed for up to 120 minutes, or until a specific timeframe, up to 23 hours and 59 minutes. With a delayed infusion, the system assumes another infusion is running to keep the IV line ready until the delayed infusion initiates. A delayed infusion does not revert to KVO at the end of the infusion. A delayed options callback allows the user to select an audiovisual callback alert.  One of three infusion callback types can be selected: Before: Receive a callback when the delay period ends and the infusion needs to be initiated. The infusion will stop without an alarm or KVO rate for firmware versions prior to 9.33. After: Receive a callback when the delayed infusion has been completed. Before and After: Receive a callback when the infusion needs to initiate (after delay) and again when the infusion has been completed.  How to program a delayed options infusion: 1. Select the Delay Options soft key on the BD Alaris™ PC Unit. 2. Select a Delay Option (see Figure 1). 3. If the Delay Until option is chosen, Current time must be confirmed prior to programming the delay (see Figure 2). Note: This will display the current time of day; it is not the time the delayed infusion will initiate. If the current time is incorrect, documentation in the electronic medical record (EMR) could be affected.  Figure 1  Figure 2  4. Enter the desired time for the infusion to start (see Figure 3). 5. If needed, press the CALLBACK soft key to change the callback. 6. Press the CONFIRM soft key to initiate the delayed infusion and callback.  Figure 3  CAUTION: The system does not revert to KVO at the end of an infusion with delayed options. With firmware version 9.33 and later, there is an infusion complete alarm at the end of the delayed infusion, even with a programmed CALLBACK of None or Before. For systems with firmware versions prior to 9.33, there is no audio alert when the delayed infusion is complete, unless the CALLBACK After or Before and After option has been programmed. WARNING: Delay Options should not be used for critical medications whose stoppage without an alarm or KVO rate have the potential to impact therapeutic dosing. For product support, contact Customer Advocacy at 888.812.3266 or For technical support, contact our Technical Support Center at 866.488.1408. For product orders, contact Customer Order Management at 800.482.4822. For complete instructions, refer to the BD Alaris™ System User Manual at  BD, San Diego, CA, 92130, U.S. BD, the BD Logo and Alaris are trademarks of Becton, Dickinson and Company or its affiliates. © 2019 BD. All rights reserved. MC190002450 (1219/1500) BD-14408
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