Alaris System PC Unit System Error Tip Sheet Dec 2019

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System error BD Alaris™ PC Unit What does SYSTEM ERROR mean?  What should I do?  The BD Alaris ™ PC Unit (PCU) software runs self-checking programs prior to and during operation. A SYSTEM ERROR message means that the BD Alaris™ System has identified an error in either the hardware or the software of the PCU. Operation will continue on all channels; current infusions are not affected but the module cannot accept any new changes to the rate, dose or volume to be infused (VTBI).  Obtain a new PCU. Do not power down until a new PCU is available. Operation will continue on all channels during this time. Programmed settings on the module are not restorable, any current rate, dose and VTBI settings should be noted and recorded prior to powering down the PCU. Tag the affected PCU, describe the error and return it to your facility’s clinical engineering or biomed department.  B  A  A. The system will display a SYSTEM ERROR message on the main display and provide the user with instructions. B. Audible alarm tones and a visual red indicator light will notify the user that the system is in an alarm state.  C  D  C. Green infusing indicators will continue to illuminate. Infusions will continue as programmed. Drug name and dose will scroll on the module’s display(s). D. The SYSTEM OFF soft key will appear at the bottom right of the display. In certain system errors, this soft key will not be available. In those cases, power down by pressing the SYSTEM ON key.  For product support, contact Customer Advocacy at 888.812.3266 or For technical support, contact Instrument Technical Support at 866.488.1408. For product orders, contact Customer Order Management at 800.482.4822. See reverse side for applicable warnings and cautions. For complete instructions, refer to the BD Alaris ™ System User Manual at
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