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PACE Medical,Inc. Technical Bulletin Rapid Stimulation Question: How does a Pace Medical/APC Medical Temporary Cardiac Pacemaker or Pacing Analyzer begin when Rapid Stimulation is activated? Response: Pace Medical products¹ begin the Rapid Stimulation (Rapid Stim) activity by first ensuring the current pacing cycle is complete. This provides an opportunity for the device to resolve underlying rhythms before Rapid Stim is applied. Overriding or preempting the current pacing cycle could result in having two pulses essentially right on top of each other depending on exactly when you activated the Stim Rate. Waiting until the end of the current pacing cycle and then coming in with the Rapid Stim avoids this scenario. Initiating the Rapid Stim mode this way takes nothing away from the effectiveness of the Stim Rate when used as intended. If an individual has an anomaly you wish to break, waiting until the base interval subsides has no negative clinical impact and helps maintain synchrony with the patient. Pace Medical’s method of sensing before Rapid Stim minimizes the chance of more than one pulse being delivered to the patient during a “cycle” and avoiding the vulnerable “T” wave episode.  ¹ Please consult operating manual. This information pertains to Models: 4170, 4570, 4800, 4801 and 4802  May 2009  391 Totten Pond Road, Waltham, MA 02451 USA – Telephone: (781) 890-5656 / Fax: (781) 890-4894
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