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PACE Medical Technical Note Pace Line™ Autoclavable Cables and Adapters with Ferrite Beads  Question: Why is there a Ferrite bead on the Pace Line Autoclavable cables and Adapters? Reply: A ferrite bead is a passive electric component used to suppress high frequency noise in electronic circuits. Ferrite beads employ the mechanism of high dissipation of high frequency currents in a ferrite to build high frequency noise suppression devices. Ferrite beads may also be called ferrite cores, ferrite rings, ferrite EMI filters. Electronic noise is an unwanted signal characteristic of all electronic circuits. Depending on the circuit, the noise put out by electronic devices can vary greatly. This noise comes from many different electronic effects Ferrites are a class of chemical compounds with the formula AB2O4, where A and B represent various metal cations, usually including iron. These ceramic materials are used in applications ranging from magnetic components in microelectronics.  Pace Line Molded Ferrite  From: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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