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Afinion CRP Quick Guide Feb 2008

Quick Guide

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AfinionTM CRP • Quick Guide  PREPARING FOR ANALYSIS Patient sample • Use capillary blood directly from finger, venous whole blood (with EDTA or heparin), serum or plasma. • Venous whole blood should be analysed within 3 days. Serum or plasma can be stored refrigerated (2-8°C) for 10 days. Capillary samples cannot be stored. • Mix the sample by inverting the tube 8-10 times before use.  Afinion™ CRP Control • Store the controls refrigerated (2-8°C). Opened controls are stable for 8 weeks. • The control can be used directly from the refrigerator. • Mix the control by inverting the vial 8-10 times before use. • The measured value should be within the acceptable range stated in the Afinion™ CRP Control Package Insert.  Afinion™ CRP Test Cartridge • Store the test kit refrigerated (2-8°C) until the expiry date or at room temperature (15-25°C) for maximum 6 weeks. • The Test Cartridge must reach a temperature of 15-30°C before use; leave the unopened foil pouch on the bench for at least 15 minutes. • Use the Test Cartridge within 10 minutes after opening the foil pouch. • Hold the Test Cartridge by the handle.  Afinion™ AS100 Analyzer • Switch on the Analyzer and optionally enter the operator ID. • Analyse patient samples and controls following the test procedure on the reverse side. • An information code might be displayed during analysis.The possible causes and actions to take are listed in the Afinion™ AS100 User Manual. • Information codes specific for the Afinion™ CRP assay: Code 101 102  Cause Hematocrit below 20% Hematocrit above 60%  Consult the Afinion™ user instructions for complete information: • Afinion™ CRP Package Insert • Afinion™ CRP Control Package Insert • Afinion™ AS100 User Manual  Axis-Shield PoC AS, Oslo, Norway  GB 1115381 2008-02
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