IntelliSTEM BE-28 UG User Manual Rev 4 March 2006

User Manual

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®  IntelliSTIM BE-28 UG - User manual Rev. 4 (10/03/2006)  CONTENTS 1. Introducing PFS... 2 2. Effects of PFS... 3 3. Indications for PFS... 5 4. Product description... 7 The IntelliSTIM® function... 8 5. Perineal stimulation techniques . 9 6. Contraindications... 11 7. Preparing the unit... 13 8. Operation... 16 9. Starting a session... 21 10. Specifications... 27 11. Available programs... 31 12. Connection of probes 33 13. General Information... 34 14. Warranty... 36 15. Information for disposal of the product... 38  1  15. Information for disposal of the product  This symbol indicates that the product (as Electric or Electronic product) must be disposed of separately from normal waste, at the end of its operational lifetime. Please dispose of this product by taking it to your local collection point or recycling centre for such equipment. This will help to protect the environment in which we all live. This obligation is set out in directive 2002/96/CE, accepted in law by the government of every European community member country. The product contains parts that can be recovered or eliminated safely, contributing to the environmental improvement. The product contains substances which, if incorrectly disposed of, can have harmful effects on the environment and human health. The Manufacturer is available to dispose the product, at the end of its useful life as appropriate for recovery or elimination. Please contact the BEAC local distributor, for detailed information on the collection and processing of this product.  38
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