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Quick Guide

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Quick Guide - Prostate Exam Navigating the Touchscreen  Exam Management  Transducer  Current User and Help  Settings  Tap - Any button to select or deselect - Trackpad to lock measurement calipers Double Tap - 2D to exit all other modes - An exam on the Patient List to review Swipe - Gain and Cine bar; side to side - Depth and Focus bar; flick up or down Tap + or - for +/- single unit steps - Gain bar - Cine bar Slide - TGC - Trackpad when measuring Tap and Slide - Tap Color; tap and slide trackpad to adjust ROI box size. Tap to set size - Slide trackpad to move ROI box  Power Button You can turn the system on or off using the power button located on the monitor or on the scanning engine (top-left corner).  Input Area  Basic Touchscreen Buttons  Begin an Exam Enter patient details and tap NEXT  Select Exam Type and Preset  Select a transducer connected to the system  Tap START EXAM  You can also start the exam immediately after entering patient details. Tap START EXAM. Select transducer using the transducer control button. The system will use the default exam type and preset.
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