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Falcon Premium Type 2101 Extended User Guide Oct 2007

Extended User Guide

240 Pages

About this Guide  About this Guide This user guide is for the Falcon Premium 2101EXL Ultrasound Scanner. The scanner is a 2D ultrasound echo and flow imaging system for diagnosis, data processing and transfer and guidance of puncture and biopsy. It is not for continuous operation. This means that we recommend that you turn off the scanner at the end of each workday. Specifications for the scanner can be found in the Product Data sheet (BP0127) that accompanies this user guide. Before using the scanner, please make yourself familiar with the operating instructions in this guide and in the Transducer Care, Cleaning & Safety manual.  NOTE: Some of the functionality and options described in this guide may not be available with your version of the scanner. Make sure that you also read the transducer user guide and specifications for each transducer that you use. The transducer user guides contain specific information about operating and caring for each transducer. Acoustic output data and data about EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) for all transducers used with this scanner are on the Technical Data CD (BZ2100) that accompanies this user guide. This section contains important safety information that you should be aware of before you use the scanner. The rest of the book also contains safety information. The information in this user guide is divided into SECTIONS A to H and Appendices 1 to 5. Each section has its own table of contents which is printed on a section divider. In the front of this book you will find an overview of the front panel which may be helpful to look at whilst you read this user guide. October 2007 Information in this document may be subject to change without notice  Front - i
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