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RF 3000 Generator Error Codes April 2013

Error Codes

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Radio Frequency Ablation RF 3000™ Generator Error Codes Hardware Self-Test Errors Error Code  Malfunction (Unrecoverable)  Description  H01  CPU Configuration Error  √  H02  COP Timeout Error  √  H03  ROM CRC Error  √  H04  RAM Error  √  H05  Illegal CPU Instruction  √  H06  Duplicate RAM Data Error  √  H07  POST Error: Power Generation/Measurement  √  H08  POST Error: Impedance Generation/Measurement  √  H09  POST Error: Voltage Generation/Measurement  √  H10  POST Error: Current Generation/Measurement  √  H11  POST Error: Pad Current Generation/Measurement  √  H12  POST Error: Pad Current Offset Measurement  √  H13  POST Error: Watchdog Error  √  Error (Recoverable)  Measurement Errors E01  Low Impedance Measured  √  E02  High Initial Impedance Measured  √  E03  High Impedance Measured  √  P-1  High Current in Pad 1  √  P-2  High Current in Pad 2  √  P-3  High Current in Pad 3  √  P-4  High Current in Pad 4  √  E80  Pad Current Sum Error  √  E81  Hardware Shutdown: Over Voltage  √  E82  Hardware Shutdown: Over Current  √  E83  Hardware Shutdown: Over Power  √  E84  Hardware Shutdown: Multiple  √  E85  Reference Voltage Error  √  E86  Power Offset Error  √  E87  High Voltage Measured  √  E88  High Current Measured  √  E89  High Power Measured  √  E90  RESERVED (RF-2000 POST Measurement Error)  √  E91  Software Shutdown  √  E92  PAD Current Offset Error  √  E93  Vrms Offset Error  √  E94  Irms Offset Error  √  Customer Service, Ordering Information 1.888.272.1001
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