BOWA ARC 100 Test Record Sheet V1.0

Test Record Sheet

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Test record for technical safety inspection BOWA electrosurgical unit type ARC 100 Hospital:  Data:  Department:  Contact person:  Item no.:  comments  Serial no.:  fail  Software version:  pass  Unit type:  Protection class: I Equipment type: CF  Visual inspection Equipment and accessories with no detectable damage. All labels, CE marks and rating plate legible. Mains fuses are of the prescribed rating (2x 3,15AT). Potential equalisation cable & connection available, in working order and undamaged. User manual present.  comments  fail  pass  Electrical safety test 1)  = Perform measurement with power cord. Resistance of power cord < 100 mΩ, resistance of device < 200 mΩ.  Protective earth conductor test according to IEC 62353 Limit value Measured value 1) Earthing contact  potential equalisation max. 300 mΩ [mΩ] (according IEC 62353 figure 1) Leakage current measurement Key combination to switch ON/OFF the TSI-Mode: according to IEC 62353 (TSI-Mode of ARC 100 must be activated!)  comments  fail  pass  Equipment leakage current N.C. (according IEC 62353 figure 4) Equipment leakage current S.F.C. (according IEC 62353 figure 4) Applied part leakage current (according IEC 62353 figure 7)  max. 500 µA  [µA]  max. 500 µA  [µA]  max. 50 µA  [µA]  Functional test  comments  fail  pass  Smooth-running mains switch. All indicating elements are lightning during the start-up phase. Activation sound available and volume regulator at rear side functional. Activation of monopolar CUT / COAG with footswitch Activation of monopolar CUT / COAG with fingerswitch Simultaneous operation of footswitch and fingerswitch not possible  EASY neutral electrode monitoring Setting of capacity decade NE monitoring, non split electrode  400 nF  NE monitoring, split electrode  100 nF  NE monitoring, Alarm  60 nF  BOWA-electronic GmbH & Co. KG Heinrich-Hertz-Strasse 4-10, D-72810 Gomaringen  page 1 of 2  Expected colour of NE-symbol  This inspection protocol referring to service manual 900-100_SM_V1.0_XXXXX-S0-XXXXXXXX-EN
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