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MediByte System Home Sleep Testing Common Questions and Answers Nov 2013

Common Questions and Answers

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Home Sleep Testing – Common Questions and Answers  Suite 1, 100 Schneider Road Kanata, Ontario, Canada K2K 1Y2 Tel: 613... 1... 90 Fax: 613... 1... 99 braebon... m  D... 8... 200...  November 2013   I thought BRAEBON was a sleep sensor company? How can BRAEBON help me with Home Sleep Testing (HST)? Yes, we started with sleep sensors but over the past several years BRAEBON has been doing much more than just sleep sensors... n fact, we’ve been in the Home Sleep Testing business much longer than most other companies... e took our famous sleep sensor technology and adapted it to work with our own portable recorders in the home... he result is BRAEBON now sells a complete range of top-notch Level 3 & Level 4 Home Sleep Testing equipment... What are the BRAEBON HST devices called? BRAEBON offers two HST devices for recording snoring and sleep apnea: the BRAEBON MediByte® is our 12-channel Level 3 HST device and the MediByte® Junior is the 6-channel Level 3 / 4 HST version... What’s the difference between the MediByte and its sibling, the MediByte Junior? The MediByte is a complete 12-channel Level 3 recorder which exceeds all new home sleep apnea testing guidelines... he MediByte Junior is a 6-channel Level 4 recorder which can be upgraded to a Level 3 device simply by adding one respiratory effort belt... his entry-level Home Sleep Testing device complies with all CMS requirements for either Level 4 or Level 3 Home Sleep Testing... he MediByte records everything the MediByte Junior does, but adds an additional effort channel, a sum channel, an oronasal thermal airflow channel, and an Auxilary port which means you have the option to record more information when using the thermal airflow sensor: ECG, or EMG, or Audio (snoring)... What exactly does the MediByte and MediByte Junior record? MEDIBYTE® Junior 6 Channels ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Optional  Airflow (OroNasal Pressure Cannula) Snoring (OroNasal Pressure Cannula) SpO2 Pulse Rate Body Position CPAP Pressure Event Marker Chest Effort (RIP) Abdominal Effort (RIP) SUM (RIP) Airflow (OroNasal Thermistor) Audio (Microphone) Volume (dB) EKG EMG (PLMs, Bruxism) Number of software installations per recorder Size Weight in grams (including battery) Location worn during recording  Page 2  11/07/2013  1  MEDIBYTE® 12 Channels ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 1  World's Smallest Type 3 3”x2... x1” 63x76x25mm  World's Smallest Type 3 3”x2... x1” 63x76x25mm  81 (2... oz) Chest  84 (2... oz) Chest  1-888-462-4841 x218
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