POLAR CARE CUBE Operating Instructions Rev B July 2012

Operating Instructions

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POLAR CARE® CUBE  Prescription Form  TM  Treatment Awake/ Period Asleep  OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS  Day:  for Patients and Medical Professionals WARNING The Polar Care Cube can be cold enough to seriously injure the skin. Follow these Operating Instructions, Product Insert (in the pouch on side of unit), and the Polar Pad Fitting Instructions (provided with each Polar Pad).  Inspect Skin Every:  Frequency/Duration  Awake  Through  Day: Day:  Asleep  Awake  Through  Day:  Asleep  Day:  Awake  Through  Day:  Asleep  1 Discuss Treatment with your Licensed Health Care Practitioner Provide a complete medical history including any reactions to cold. Certain medical conditions make cold-induced injury more likely. Ask your practitioner about potential adverse reactions and cold induced injuries. 2 Use Only As Prescribed Use only according to your practitioner’s instructions regarding the frequency and duration of cold application and breaks, how and when to inspect the skin, and total length of treatment. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed health care practitioner.  3  3 Apply Insulation Barrier & Polar Pad Always use an insulation barrier (such as Breg Polar Dressing, Webril, Kerlix, cast padding or elastic bandage) between the Polar Pad and skin. Do not let any part of the Pad touch skin. If a sterile dressing has been applied to the treatment site that does not completely cover the skin under the pad, use an additional insulation barrier. Use only Breg Polar Pads designed for the body part, sold separately. Other pads may be colder, increasing the risk of skin injury. 4  Set Up Unit  6 Skin Inspection Inspect the skin under the Polar Pad (by lifting the edge) as prescribed, typically every 1 to 2 hours. Do not use the Polar Care Cube if dressing, wrapping, bracing, or casting over the Polar Pad prevents skin checks.  6  Stop using and contact your practitioner immediately if you experience any adverse reactions, such as: increased pain, burning, increased swelling, itching, blisters, increased redness, discoloration, welts, other changes in skin appearance, or any other reaction identified by your practitioner. 7 Ending Session To stop the pump, disconnect electrical power. To disconnect the Polar Pad from the pump hose, depress the two metal tabs on the hose coupling and gently pull apart.  Page 1 of 2  Over
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