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COLD THERAPY PROTOCOL Treatment Period Day: Through  Awake/ Asleep  Frequency / Duration  Inspect Skin Every:  Awake  Day:  Asleep  Day:  Awake  ELECTRICAL SAFETY  Like all electrical products, you must follow precautions to avoid electrocution, fire, burns, or other injuries. Supervise children and invalids near this product to ensure that these precautions are followed.  PRODUCT INSERT FOR POLAR CARE® GLACIER™ POLAR CARE KODIAK® POLAR CARE CUBE™  Keep electrical connections dry Even though the Polar Care unit is designed to hold and pump water, the electrical connections at the power outlet and from the power cord to the Polar Care unit are not waterproof and must be kept dry. • Do not handle the transformer or electrical cord with wet hands. • Always keep the unit in a place where the connections will not fall into water (e.g., a tub, sink, etc.). • Do not use outdoors.  Breg, Inc.  If the electrical connections fall into water, do not touch any wet part of the product. Unplug only at dry electrical connections.  Through Day:  Asleep  Day:  Awake  Through Day:  Asleep  2885 Loker Ave. East Carlsbad, CA 92010 U.S.A. P: 800-321-0607 F: 800-329-2734 Breg is an Orthofix company  AW-1.00372 Rev B 0312  INFORMATION FOR PATIENTS & MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS USAGE TIPS 1. Use cubed or chunked ice for optimal performance. 2. If using a Breg Polar Care Cold Therapy unit with a detachable Cold Therapy Pad, it is possible to drain the pad between uses. To drain the pad between uses, hold the Cold Therapy Pad upright with the hose pointed toward the ground. Depress the black plunger and allow the water to drain out of the pad. 3. You may disconnect the Cold Therapy Pad from the unit without removing the pad from the affected area by depressing the silver tabs on the hose coupling and gently pulling the hoses apart. The Breg Polar Care Cold Therapy Pad and unit will seal itself and will not leak. Note: Some dripping during release is normal. 4. DO NOT RUN PUMP WITHOUT WATER! The pump in this unit is designed to run with water. Running the unit without water will cause permanent damage to the pump. Unplug unit before removing lid.  CLEANING, MAINTENANCE & SERVICE  After use, drain and dry pump with a soft cloth. Warm water and mild detergent may be used occasionally to clean the pump and tubes. There are no serviceable parts. Contact Breg Customer Care if replacement parts are needed.  Avoid flammables and oxidizers Do not use in places with flammable vapors or gasses (for example, flammable anesthetics), high oxygen concentrations, or other oxidizers (for example, nitrous oxide).  Pump not running Water not flowing to the pad Pad is not getting cold  Start the product Use only the transformer provided with the Breg Polar Care Cold Therapy unit, to meet the requirements of UL 60601-1. With dry hands, connect the transformer to the electrical connection located on the top of the cooler. Next, plug the transformer into an appropriate electrical outlet. The unit will automatically start running at this point. Unplug to stop the product when not in use Unplugging the Polar Care unit turns it off. Always unplug immediately after use. Never leave it plugged in while unattended. Electromagnetic Interference This Polar Care unit may cause electromagnetic or other interference with other electrical devices. To check whether the Polar Care unit is interfering with another device, unplug the Polar Care unit. If this corrects the problem, move the Polar Care unit or other device, or use an outlet on a different circuit.  Symbols used on the Polar Care Unit Symbol  1. Make sure the transformer is plugged into the wall outlet. 2. Confirm that the ice and water are filled to the indicated levels. 3. Make sure there are no kinks in the pad. 4. Gently pull on the blue tube to make sure the tube/pad junction is straight. 5. Remove the pad from the treatment site and fill it while the pad is lying flat; then reapply. 6. Confirm that the pad couplings are securely attached to the unit. Listen for the double clicks (Figure 1) to confirm the pad (fig. 1) couplings are securely attached. 7. Remove cap, which contains the foam filter, from the bottom of the pump (Figure 2) and clean out any debris. Replace cap ensuring the foam filter is in place. (fig. 2)  Grounded Use a grounded outlet Connect this product to a properly grounded Outlet outlet only.  Protect the power cord and transformer • Keep the cord and transformer away from heated surfaces. • Set up and use this equipment in a low traffic location away from children and pets. Never operate this product if it has a damaged cord, transformer, or plug. If the cord, transformer, or plug is damaged, unplug and contact Breg Customer Care, (800) 321-0607.  PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS  TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE  Leaks  Note: Some condensation on the lines, controller, and pads is unavoidable, especially in warmer climates. 1. If using a Breg Polar Care Cold Therapy unit with a detachable Cold Therapy Pad, and a leak exists (other than condensation on the lines) disconnect the pad couplings. Make sure the silver tabs on the couplings are depressed before reconnecting the pad to the pump hose; then confirm both sides of the coupling are properly clicked in. 2. If the coupling continues to leak or a leak is detected in the pad itself, stop using it and call Breg Customer Care at (800) 321-0607.  Description This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards. Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death. Type B, applied part.  Class II Equipment  Physical and Electrical Specifications Unit Rated:  6Vdc, 600-1000mA  Electrical Specifications: Manufacturer: Hon-Kwang Model: D0660 Rated Input: 120V~, 60Hz  Output: 6Vdc, max. 600mA  Manufacturer: Group West Model: 18UR-06-1000 Rated Input: 100-240V~, 50-60Hz Output: 6Vdc, max. 1.0A Environmental Requirements: Temperature: 50°F to 100°F (10°C to 40°C) Operating Transport & Storage –40°F to 158°F (–40°C to 70°C) Humidity: 30 to 75% R.H. Operating Transport & Storage 10 to 100% R.H., non-condensing 700 hPa to 1060 hPa Atmospheric Pressure: Standards Compliance:  Designed to conform to applicable requirements of: UL 60601-1, CSA C22.2 / No. 601.1  Electrical Classifications:  Class II, Continuous Operation. Not suitable with flammable anesthetics.  DISPOSAL  Dispose of product according to local regulations.  WARRANTY  Breg, Inc. warrants that this product is free from defects in workmanship, materials, and fitness for use for 180 days from initial purchase under normal use for which it was intended if it has been properly used under direct supervision of a licensed health care practitioner. Breg, Inc.’s obligation under this warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of any defective part or parts of this product. All express or implied warranties, including the warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the actual warranty period set forth above. No other warranty, express or implied, is given and no affirmation of or by seller, by words or action, will constitute a warranty.  Product #:  Weight  Average Operating Range  10601, 10701  4.0 lbs (1.8kg) Empty 14.5 lbs (6.6kg) Filled  10901  5.0 lbs (2.3kg) Empty 19.7 lbs (8.9kg) Filled  At coldest setting (if applicable), average operating range of Polar Pad with Polar Dressing ≥ 45˚F (≥7.2˚C)
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