LTU2 2200 / 2150 Operators Manual Ver A

Operators Manual

266 Pages

Vyaire Medical, Inc. Title: LTV2 2200/2150 Operator’s Manual Part no.: 34086-001  Cover Sheet  Ver.: A  Print the attached pages according to the printing instructions.  Do not print this page. Printing Instructions Document File #’s: 34086-001-A_LTV2_2200-2150_OpMnl.pdf - This file contains the LTV2 2200/2150 Ventilator Operator's Manual, with embedded high-resolution graphics. Print high resolution, black, double sided, book style, 8½” X 11”, white, 20 lb (or equiv) paper. 34086-001-A_CoverPage.pdf - This file contains the cover page with embedded high-resolution color graphics. Print the binder cover with high-resolution color, on 9 ±¼” X 11”, white, 100# gloss text #2 grade (or equiv) paper, laminated. Binding: Plastic Spiral “O”, black, 1” (± 1/4”) (inside diameter of the spiral), or equivalent. Paper: Cover pages (front / back), 9 ±¼” X 11” white, 100# gloss text #2 grade or equivalent paper. Laminate inside and outside front cover page and outside back cover page (back cover inside and inside pocket optional at buyer’s discretion). Text - 8½” X 11 “, White, 20 lb (or equivalent) paper. Ink: Color copied or 4CP (at buyer’s discretion) from MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, or source file supplied. Pages: Page size and pagination according to the source file supplied with the order. Text - 8½” X 11, Cover Pages - 9 ±¼” X 11”, portrait orientation, double sided, book style. Artwork: Graphics files embedded high-resolution digital format (.jpg, .tiff, etc). Fulfillment: Contents - Collate cover and text. Proofs Required: Printer to provide two proof copies to Vyaire Medical for review and approval before printing production order quantities. One copy to be retained by Vyaire Medical documentation management as a control copy. Second copy to be returned to the vendor as the vendor control copy. Shrinkwrap each copy and package according to the purchase order instructions. Provide a certificate of conformance with each shipment. All files and/or materials supplied are Vyaire Medical confidential information, remain its sole and exclusive property and may not be used, disclosed, copied, or reproduced without the prior written permission of Vyaire Medical. •  Packaging: Note:  Versions Ver. A  Chg. Order  Description  102858  Initial Release
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