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To use CareFusion Surgical Clippers:  Using CareFusion Surgical Clippers  Remember: •  Wet clip whenever possible to help prevent airborne skin cells and loose hair dispersal, which can contaminate the wound site.  •  Hold the skin taut with one hand while clipping with the other, ensuring a smooth surface for clipping. This technique is especially important when clipping loose skin areas. Avoid skin tags and other inconsistencies with the skin’s surface.  •  Always rest the base of the clipping blade flat on the patient’s skin. Do not change the angle or “toe in” the blade in an attempt to get a closer clip.  •  Maintain a consistent grip on the clipper handle. Go over the area thoroughly on the first attempt to ensure clipping accuracy and precision.  •  Always move the clippers away from your body with a gentle push. Do not pull the clippers toward you across the patient’s skin, and never apply greater force than needed.  1. Attach the blade With gloves on position a new blade on the top of the clipper head. Align the mark on the clipper blade to the arrow. Slide the blade toward the dot to secure it in place until you hear a click.  2. Clip the hair Hold the clipper using a pencil grip or natural overhand grip with the CareFusion logo facing up. Stretch the skin, rest the clipping blade flat on the skin and clip against the grain of the hair.  3. Remove the blade Turn the clipper off, position the clipper blade facing downward over a sharps trash receptacle and use your thumb to push the blade forward along the blade frame.  4. Clean the clipper handle Wash the clipper handle thoroughly with soap and water, and then wipe the device with surface disinfectant or soak the handle in an antimicrobial agent for no more than 30 minutes.*  Ordering information Cat. no.  Description  Qty. cs.  5513E  Rechargeable surgical clipper  1  5514A  Charging adapter  1  4406  General purpose blade  50  4412A  Neuro blade  20  4403A  SensiClip® blade  20  To order, contact your local representative or call 800.523.0502.  *  CareFusion Surgical Clippers can be cleaned with a mild disinfectant or a disinfectant wipe. Disinfectants containing benzyl alcohol can cause chemical damage to the external surface of the clipper handle or charger. This could void the warranty on the device. Submersion cannot exceed one meter in depth for up to 30 minutes.  ** It is recommended that clinicians unplug the charger from a power source when the solid  orange light is no longer illuminated, indicating the device is fully charged.  © 2013 CareFusion Corporation or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. SensiClip, CareFusion and the CareFusion logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of CareFusion Corporation or one of its subsidiaries. SU2128 (0713/5000)  5. Charge and store Place the clipper handle in an upright position in the charging adapter. Lithiumion battery technology facilitates longer runtime and improves energy efficiency, and a battery life indicator light alerts clinicians when to charge the unit.**  Instructions apply to all CareFusion Surgical Clipper blades.
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