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Twin-O-Vac Operating Instructions Issue 5

Operating Instructions

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11821 Twin-O-Vac InstManIMP  1/5/06  11:52 AM  Page 1  TWIN-O-VAC SUCTION/THERAPY UNIT OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS  Comweld Group Pty... td... BN 56 007 226 815 71 Gower Street, Preston, Victoria, Australia 3072 Customer Service & Technical Support Line Ph: +61-3-9474 7314, Fax: +61-3-9474 7391 In the interest of continuous improvement, COMWELD GROUP Pty... td... eserves the right to change the specifications or design of any of its products without prior notice... he symbol, letters COMWELD GROUP MEDICAL PRODUCTS and the product names printed in CAPITAL LETTERS are Registered Trade-marks... Part No... ssue No... Date  521512  301  05   11821 Twin-O-Vac InstManIMP  TA B L E  O F  1/5/06  11:52 AM  Page 3  1... INTRODUCTION  C O N T E N T S  These instructions are intended to provide users with information on the features, use and care of the Twin-O-Vac Suction/Therapy Unit... t is important that these instructions are read and fully understood by every intending user before any attempt is made to use the Twin-O-Vac on a patient... PAGE 1...  INTRODUCTION  2  2...  GENERAL DESCRIPTION  2  3...  SAFETY PRECAUTIONS  3  4...  PARTS IDENTIFICATION  3  5...  PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION  4  6...  OPERATIONAL CHECK  4  7...  EQUIPMENT APPLICATION  5  8...  CLEANING AND DISINFECTION  8  9...  USER MAINTENANCE  8  10...  SPECIFICATIONS  10  11...  SERVICE RECOMMENDATIONS  11  12...  WARRANTY  11  2... GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Twin-O-Vac is a venturi actuated suction unit which features two self sealing oxygen supply sources to facilitate multiple therapy applications... he Twin-O-Vac may be connected directly to an oxygen pipeline or a cylinder regulator with a pre-set delivery pressure... lowmeters and other accessories should be ordered separately...  vacuum gauge fitted to the head of the Twin-O-Vac indicates the vacuum generated by the unit... wo basic models are available, one with a high suction capability up to approximately -400 mmHg (-53 kPa) and the other with a lower suction performance pre-set to provide a maximum of -200 mmHg (-26 kPa)... 2  11... SERVICING RECOMMENDATIONS  Suction Control Knob Nylon plastic, colour coded yellow... A Twin-O-Vac is a piece of life saving emergency equipment... o ensure that the unit is always in a reliable, useable condition it is recommended that the unit be placed on a preventative maintenance program (every 6 to 12 months depending on usage) with your local service centre... his will provide more detailed checks of internal components such as the venturi and suction control valve assembly... Oxygen Flow Performance Minimum flow rate from oxygen outlets: 125 L/min Bacteria Filter A Standard Millipore brand filter, number AAWP03700 (0... micron) acts as a bacteria filter between the jar contents and room air... ominal diameter 37mm (1 7/16”)... ther Materials Head Casting - anodised aluminium... uction valve - brass Venturi - brass Jars - High heat polyphthalate carbonate... andwheels - Colour coded Nylon plastic with brass insert... utlet Connections - Chrome plated brass... 12... WARRANTY Comweld Group Pty... td... arrants the purchaser that this equipment is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of six years from the date of purchase (conditions apply)... Weight Twin-O-Vac without gauge 620g... win-O-Vac with gauge 720g... 11
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