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Emergency-Ventilation with the OXYLATOR® OXYLATOR® FR-300  o o o  o  o o  Open the main valve of the cylinder. Press the O2 button and turn it clockwise. The OXYLATOR® is now in the automatic mode.  o o o  Place the mask on the patient’s face. Assure that there is a proper mask seal Hold the mask with both hands and tilt the head  If there is a proper mask seal, the OXYLATOR® starts cycling automatically, ventilating the patient. The OXYLATOR® responds to the patient’s lung. An audible, rapid "clicking" or buzzing indicates airway obstruction.  o  Manual mask ventilation – press the O2 button for inspiratory flow, release it for passive exhalation. Every second of inspiratory time delivers 500 ml of volume of oxygen towards the patient’s airway. Watch the patient’s chest rise.  o  o
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