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Winnie Deluxe 3 Wheel Rollator Walker Instructions


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3 wheel steel rollator andadora caminadora de acero rollator con 3 ruedas ambulateur en acier avec roues  EU Authorized Representative Drive International, LLC Globe Lane - Stockport DUKINFIELD SK16 4RE, GB  www... ivemedical... m  www... ivemedical... m   locking knob  assembly Please read these instructions before assembly or use of this Rollator... his Rollator must always be assembled and fitted for the user by a qualified Drive Medical Authorized dealer... efore using your new Rollator please ensure that your weight is within the weight capacity of this unit... his Rollator will require very little assembly and the assembly can be completed without tools... 1  2  4... est and adjust the loop lock mechanism tension to ensure proper and secure locking before use... ount the basket in the proper location above the rollator pouch, between the handle bars... OTE: To assemble basket, see next section on basket assembly... basket assembly D  C  A  B  1  assembly instructions 1... o open your rollator, pull both side frames outward... ush the folding hinge with the black handle until straight to secure the unit in the proper position... lace a handle bar in each handle bar receptacle and adjust to the desired height... he brake cable should remain on the same side as the corresponding wheel... o not cross cables... nsert locking knobs into adjustment holes and tighten to secure handle in place, making sure both handles are at equal height... lide wheels back until push pins pops through the adjustment hole located on the bottom section of the wheel frame... ock wheels in place by inserting the locking knobs into the top section of the wheel frame and tightening until secure (figures 1 & 2)... 1... old back of basket (A) forward and attach to first side (B) using the small assembly hook located on the side of A... ook should be on the INSIDE to assure proper 		 assembly... 3  2 2... old second side (C) upward and attach it to back of basket (A) using the small hook located on the side of A... 4  3... lide side D past the 2 small hooks located on B and C and secure in place by sliding D backward to fit into the 2 hooks... his should be done simultaneously...
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