Seizure Monitors

D-1090-2G SEIZURE MONITOR Users Manual 2g 50 hz June 2008

Users Manual

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TABLE OF CONTENTS DANGER NOTES ... 2 OTHER SYMBOLS USED... 2 1. GENERAL INFORMATION... 3 Intended Use ... 3 Control Unit... 3 Under Mattress Bed Sensor ... 3 2. PACKAGE CONTENTS ... 3 3. BEFORE USE SELECT THE RIGHT DIP SWITCH SETTINGS ... 3 Table of DIP Switch Settings... 4 Setting the Notification Sound Volume ... 4 Setting the Movement Notifications ... 4 4. SETTING THE SENSITIVITY... 5 5. INSTALLING THE BED SENSOR BELOW MATTRESS ... 5 6. CONNECTORS AND WIRING ... 5 X2 (AUX) Connector Pin Order ... 6 7. INSTALLING THE WALL MOUNT AND DEVICE ... 6 8. INSTALLING BATTERIES AND BATTERY CONSUMPTION ... 7 9. ABOUT THE OPTIONAL 5V AC ADAPTER... 7 10. LED-LIGHT INDICATORS... 8 11. SW1 - RESET SWITCH / ON-OFF SWITCH / BY-PASS SWITCH ... 8 SW1 As a Reset Switch ... 8 SW1 As a On-Off Switch... 8 SW1 As a No Movement Notification By-Pass Switch ... 8 12. TESTING AND INSPECTIONS ... 8 Weekly Inspection ... 8 Tests When Taking into Use and Every Month ... 9 13. TROUBLESHOOTING... 9 14. CLEANING...10 15. IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS...10 16. MATERIALS DISPOSAL...10 17. EU / DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY ...10 18. EMFIT LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT ...11 19. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ...12 20. ELECTROMAGNETIC CONDITIONS...13 21. MANUFACTURER´S CONTACT INFORMATION...15  DANGER NOTES THE FOLLOWING NOTES ARE PROVIDED BOTH FOR YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY AND TO PROTECT THE DESCRIBED PRODUCT OR ATTACHED DEVICES FROM DAMAGE. SAFETY NOTES AND WARNINGS FOR THE PREVENTION OF DANGER TO THE LIVES AND HEALTH OF USERS OR MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL AND/OR FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DAMAGE TO PROPERTY ARE EMPHASISED IN THESE INSTRUCTIONS BY THE PICTOGRAMS DEFINED HERE. THE PICTOGRAMS USED HAVE THE FOLLOWING MEANINGS FOR THESE INSTRUCTIONS:  Means that death, serious personal injury or substantial damage to property can occur if the appropriate precautionary measures are not taken.  Means important information about the product or a part of the instructions that particular attention should be paid to.  OTHER SYMBOLS USED Use by  Upper storage temperature limit  All rights are reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the written consent of the copyright owner. Our printed and electronically stored literature is purely advisory and, therefore, we bear no legal responsibility for the information provided. We reserve the right to make changes and modifications without prior notification in the interest of continual improvements of our systems and components.  2
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