CERAMO CONCEPT X PUNCHES Assembly Instructions

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FEHLING INSTRUMENTS  1 M 11 1-01/10  ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS  CERAMO® CONCEPT X PUNCHES 1  3  Disassembly  1  2  4  a) For disassembly place the punch on a solid worktop. Unscrew the hex head screw (pos.1) by turning it clockwise using the supplied screwdriver TXX-0X, and remove. b) Pull the anterior handle element (pos.2) downward to separate it from the punch body (pos. 4). To ease the unlocking the slider (Pos. 3) should be pushed toward punch foot at the same time. c) Now the slider (pos.3) can be easily removed from the punch body. d) Always clean the four components punch body, slider, anterior handle element and screw in the same container.  2  Assembly (with the aid of the fitting device TXW-7X)  6 5
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