CERAMO GRUMME X and LOVE GRUENWALD X Rongeurs Assembly Instructions

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FEHLING INSTRUMENTS  1 M 18 EN 06-11/17  ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS  CERAMO® GRUMME X and LOVE GRUENWALD X Rongeurs 3  1 Disassembly  4 Figure 1 shows an assembled GRUMME X rongeur. For assembly/disassembly relevant parts are:  1  1: rongeur shaft with fixed handle part 2: moving handle part 3. slider (connected with rongeur body through jaw hinge)  2  4. hexagon socket screw Assembly is done as follows:  fig. 1  For disassembly place the rongeur on a solid worktop. Unscrew the hexagon socket screw by turning it clockwise (see fig. 3) using the supplied screwdriver TXW-1X (see fig. 2; alternatively sterilizable screw driver TXW-2X), and remove it from the screw hole (see fig. 3). fig. 2  Figure 4: With jaw closed, pull the moving handle part downward and separate it from the rongeur body.  fig. 4  Figure 5: With jaw fully open, pull slider towards the handle and thus release the guiding pins of the slider from the guide rail of the shaft. fig. 5  Figure 6: Fold the slider upward. For reprocessing open the jaw completely and fold up the slider as far as there is no contact between slider and shaft. Figure 6 shows the maximum distance. ATTENTION: The slider is firmly connected to the shaft through the hinge of the jaw. Sliding the slider laterally in open position will result in deformation or breaking of the hinge.  fig. 6  fig. 3
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