CERAMO TRADITION X Punches Assembly Instructions

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1  FEHLING  M10  INSTRUMENTS  2-01/14  ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS  CERAMO® TRADITION X Punches 1  3  Disassembly  4  2  1  a) For disassembly place the punch on a solid worktop. Unscrew the hex head screw (pos. 1) by turning it clockwise using the supplied screwdriver TXX-0X, and remove. b) Pull the anterior handle element (pos. 2) downward and separate it from the punch body (pos. 4). c) Now the slider (pos. 3) can be easily removed from the punch body by pulling it in direction of the arrow (as shown above). d) The four components punch body, slider, anterior handle element, and screw should always be reprocessed in the same container. OPTION: Newer punch models have an app. 20 mm long groove-like profile at the proximal end of the slider (see fig. 1). When the slider is rotated by 180° around its longitudinal axis, the profile – now at the bottom – can be inserted into the proximal guide of the slider up to the stop. This way, the slider remains attached to the punch body even during washing what could facilitate the matching of the sliders and punch bodies that belong together upon assembly (see fig. 2).  Fig. 1  Fig. 2
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