CERAMO TURNUS PUNCHES Assembly Instructions

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1  FEHLING  M 17  INSTRUMENTS  1-10/11  ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS  CERAMO® TURNUS PUNCHES 1  Changing the Working Angle  1  2  a)  Hold the handle in one hand and place the finger tips of the other hand on both sides of the handle profile (no. 1) of the shaft.  b)  Keep the fingers on both sides of the handle profile and gently push the shaft as far as possible toward the handle. The shaft is released and can be turned.  c)  Hold the shaft in the released position and turn it left or right. After reaching the desired position release the pressure on the shaft. A click sound in the spring indicates that the shaft has locked into position. You can now use the punch.  d)  The shaft can be locked in 8 different angle positions: 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 225°, 270° and 315°.  2  Disassembly  a)  Push the locking lever (no. 2) upward. The shaft is released from the handle and can be easily pulled out.  4  5  6  3  b)  Turn the pin (no. 3) counterclockwise, to screw it out of the slider (no. 4). Withdraw the pin with spring (no. 6) from the shaft and then remove the spring from the pin.  c)  Push the slider (no. 4) slightly towards the proximal shaft end (no. 5), pull it upward and remove it.  d)  Place all 4 parts of the shaft (pin, spring, slider and shaft) in the same container for reprocessing.
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