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Finometer Users Guide Ver 1.10 May 2002

Users Guide

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Dear Interactive Guide user The Interactive Finometer User’s Guide has been designed to easily find a topic of interest and to follow its information trail.  show figure hide figure  page 7 previous page next page  contents go back index  search text search again  close document  Interactive User’s Guide screen layout. The page layout consists of two parts: At the left there is a colored control column with often a small figure at the top and a set of browse buttons below. At the right there is a text page with an occasional embedded figure or table or animated cartoon (section 4.2). In a text page blue colored items are clickable to reach an associated topic. In the table of contents everything is clickable. Return to where you came from by clicking the go back button. Figures. Click on the stamp sized figure upper left to display it in full size. Click again and the text page reappears. Or use the show figure and hide figure buttons. Paging. Jump to a page by clicking the page button and typing your page number. Further use the previous page and next page buttons. Searching. A word or a phrase is found by clicking the search text button and typing your word or phrase. For its next occurrence click search again . Acrobat cannot always find ligatures. Search for ‘Modelflow’ via ‘Model’. Contents. The table of contents presents an overview of sections principally ordered according  to the various instruments or user (interfaces 3.4) present in the Finometer device. Jump to it by clicking the contents button. The table of contents is followed by a list of figures and a list of tables. There is no button to jump to these lists directly. Glossary. The glossary is one of the appendices and explains terms used in connection with Finometer and finger blood pressure measurement. The terms are listed in the index under “Glossary” Index. At the end of this Guide you find an alphabetical index of words of phrases. To ease searching there are multiple entries with somewhat differing terms so that you may find: Analog I/O calibration waveforms Calibration signals square wave pressure wave Start display calibration signals all leading to the same page. Jump to the index by clicking the index button. Close document. Click close document to close the Interactive User’s Guide but not the reader (Acrobat 4.0 or higher). To close the reader click the × at the upper right, or type <Alt><F4>.
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