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GranuFlo Mixing Instructions Rev 01 Jan 2010


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GranuFlo® mixing instructions Step 1  Open the case of GranuFlo® dry acid concentrate and straighten the tops of all bags.  Step 2  Cut off the tops of all bags, just below the bag seal, leaving as much extra bag length as possible.  Step 3  Gather the extra bag material in your hand with your thumb facing DOWN. This will allow for proper hand position when the bag is inverted. Remove bag from case.  Step 4  Grab the flap on the bottom of the bag.  Step 5  Invert the bag and insert the gathered end into the small opening in the GranuFlo® tank lid.  Step 6  Release the gathered end of the bag and allow the contents to empty into the tank.  Step 7  Once all of the powder has transferred to the mixer, remove and discard the empty bag.  Step 8  Follow the GranuFlo® mixer Operating Manual instructions to complete the mixing process.  For all mixer inquiries or questions, please contact Technical Services at 800-227-2572. Fresenius Medical Care North America, 920 Winter Street, Waltham, MA 02451 Fresenius Medical Care, the triangle logo and Granuflo are registered trademarks of Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc. and/or its affiliated companies. © 2004, 2010 Fresenius Medical Care North America. All rights reserved.  P/N 100390-01 Rev 01 01/2010
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