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XL4400 EVE Light Source Operation Manual July 2011 DT-E2

Operation Manual

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English  EVE Light Source  XL-4400  OPERATION MANUAL Thank you for purchasing our product... he system is constructed so that only our service engineers are able to install it; installation must be performed by our service engineers...  Important Safety Information  Important Safety Information For the USA Market - CAUTION: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician... 1... ntended Use This product is intended to be used in combination with FUJINON/FUJIFILM medical Endoscope, processor, monitor, recorder and various peripherals for observation, diagnosis, endoscopic treatment, taking photographs and recording under the management of physicians... ever use this product for any other purposes... 2... afety Read and understand this manual carefully before use... se the product by following the provided instructions... tems important for the safe use of the product are summarized in “Chapter 1 Safety... Safety precautions associated with individual operations or procedures are provided separately, indicated by “  WARNING” and “  CAUTION...  3... arning Items that must be observed in particular for the safety when performing endoscopy and electrosurgy are identified by “  WARNING” and “  CAUTION... Perform procedures  correctly by reading and understanding the warning information carefully... WARNING Improper use or operation of the equipment may injure patients, physicians, or people in the vicinity... ead and understand this manual carefully before operating this system... Improper operations that will damage the equipment only are identified by “CAUTION...  2
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