DS-8007 Quick User Guide

Quick User Guide

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On/Off  DS8007 Quick user guide Home Key – The Home  ECG  display will be displayed  Alarm indicatorFlashes when alarm generated/ Alarm  Menu Key – Displays Menu  SPO2  NiBP Start/Stop  Silence - Silences Alarm for 1 minute  Waveform display area  Battery indicator  Charging base  Time & Date Numeric parameter display area  User Keys  NiBP •  Slide the release lever on the front of the monitor from right to left to release the monitor from the charging base.  •  If not using SPO2 continuously – unplug from monitor or select Hide function by touching the SPO2 numeric parameter box – this will stop SPO2 alarm alarming continuously.  •  Touch the Numeric parameter to display the menu for that parameter – Can alter alarm limits/size of waveform/monitoring lead  •  Change the size of ECG waveform or main monitoring lead by selecting ECG numeric parameter box
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