DS-8900 Quick User Guide

Quick User Guide

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DS8900 Central Station quick user guide  Alarm Pole – Flashes when alarm occurs  Admit/Discharge –  Set Alarm upper and lower limits  input name and hospital number/set pacemaker/Discharge  Suspend monitoringability to set a reason  Discharge patient from monitor – all data deleted  Patient waveform area  Shows trend  Recall – shows  data - Graph or  a History of Alarm events rhythm strip & numerics  table form  Touch to show menu for this patient  Full Disclosure –View NIBP List – gives a list of NIBPS & other parameters measured at same time  of recorded continuous ECG, time search & printing  Alarm Recall  User keys Numeric parameter display – Touch  Alarm Silence  Home – Press to  Select Rhythm strip by touching –Highlighted in blue  return to Home screen  to select view for this patient  User keys • • • • • •  Menu – Access to main menu for Central Station Zoom Numeric data – Scrolls through the numeric parameters Bed Transfer – Allows transfer of patient and data from one bed space to another Tone/Volume – increase or decrease alarm volume Brightness – increase or decrease brightness of screen Home – returns to main monitor screen  Selected Rhythm strip – Can scroll with finger, can print or delete •  Choose display selection to select which alarm events you want to see in Recall
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