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Carestation 750 Series (A1 and A2) Preoperative Checkout Users Reference Manual Rev 1 June 2019

Checkout Users Reference Manual

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GE Healthcare  Carestation 750/750c (A1/A2) Preoperative Checkout Refer to the User's Reference manual for step-by-step instructions.  Every day before your first patient  □ □ □ □ □  Check that necessary emergency equipment is available and in good condition. Check that the equipment is not damaged and that components are correctly attached. Check that the pipeline gas supplies are connected. If equipped with cylinders, check that there is sufficient reserve capacity and that the cylinder valve is closed. Connect scavenging and verify operation. Check vaporizer installation: • • • • •  □ □ □ □ □  Check that the breathing circuit and bag are correctly connected, not damaged, and the breathing system contains sufficient absorbent in the canister. Turn the System on. Perform a Full Test from the Checkout menu. Check that an adequate reserve O2 supply is available. Check that the ventilator functions correctly: • • • • • • •  □ □  Make sure that the top of each vaporizer is horizontal (not on crooked). Make sure each vaporizer is locked and cannot be removed. Make sure the alarms and indicators operate correctly (Tec™ 6 Plus vaporizer). Make sure that more than one vaporizer cannot be turned on at the same time. Make sure that the vaporizers are adequately filled.  Connect a test lung to the patient breathing circuit connection. Set the ventilator to VCV mode and the settings to TV to 400 ml, RR to 12, I:E to 1:2, Tpause to Off, and Pmax to 40 cmH2O. Set the gas flow to the minimum settings. Start a case. Set the Bag/Vent switch to Vent. Fill the bellows using O2 flush. Check that mechanical ventilation starts. Check that the bellows inflate and deflate. Check that the display shows the correct ventilator data. Check that there are no inappropriate alarms.  Unplug the AC power cord from the electrical outlet and check that mechanical ventilation continues while the system is running on battery power. After completing the check, plug the AC power cord into the electrical outlet. The mains indicator is lit when AC power is connected. Set the appropriate controls and alarm limits for the case.
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