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S5 ADU Carestation ADU AS-3 Technical Reference Manual Oct 2007

Technical Reference Manual

615 Pages

About this manual This Technical Reference Manual contains information required to service and repair the GE Healthcare S/5 ADU Carestation and the AS/3 Anesthesia Delivery Unit S/N: 6 000 000 and greater. Note that prior to May 2005, units were manufactured with serial numbers ranging from 40 000 000 to 40 300 743. Units manufactured in May 2005 and after, start in the serial number range 6 000 000 and greater. Throughout this manual the S/5 Anesthesia Delivery Unit and AS/3 Anesthesia Delivery Unit will be referred to as the ADU. The manual is divided into sections from 1 to 10, which describe maintenance, and into sections from A to E, which describe the ADU modules. NOTE: In this manual the US version of menus and menu items are used. The UK English/ International version of the ADU uses a different terminology than the US version in the System Checkout menu. The two versions differ in the following way: US version  UK/International version  System Checkout  System Check  Complete Checkout  Full Check  Bypass Checkout  Bypass check  Status Check  Checklist  Checkout Log  Checklog  Checkout Error  Error History  Disclaimer The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in product specifications without prior notice. The information in this manual is believed to be accurate and reliable; however, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for its use.  Related documents In addition to this Technical Reference Manual, the following documents are available for the ADU.  Open me first The “Open me first” package is located in the delivery package and includes unpacking instructions.  User's Reference Manual The “User's Reference Manual” describes all necessary functions for the safe use of the equipment. Everyday cleaning and maintenance procedures as well as simple troubleshooting hints are also included.  User’s Guide The “User’s Guide“ describes the most common features and functions for the use of the equipment. The Guide is intended to be a complement to the reference manuals and support the user in the daily work. The guide has a table of contents, index and tabs with headings for a quick and easy way to find desired information.  Document No. 8502851 October 31, 2007
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