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S5 ADU Users Guide March 2003

Users Guide

54 Pages Page 1 Monday, June 2, 2003 5:01 PM  1  About this Guide This User’s Guide describes the most common features and functions for the use of the Datex-Ohmeda S/5 Anesthesia Delivery Unit (ADU) and AS/3 ADU from S/N: 40 000 000 and onwards. In this guide, both the S/5 ADU and the AS/3 ADU will be referred to as ADU. This Guide is not intended to give a complete and detailed description of all functions to the operator, such description will be found in S/5 Anesthesia Delivery Unit User’s Reference Manual. This Guide is not meant to replace these Reference Manuals. The Guide is meant to be a complement to the Reference Manuals and support the user in his daily work. The Guide has a table of contents, index and also tabs with headings for a quick way of getting the desired information. In this Guide pictures and text refer to an ADU designed according to IEC standards. The following conventions are used: Keys on Command Board are written in a lager and bold typeface: Setup Menu items are written in bold italic typeface, for example Gas Usage Menu access is described from top to bottom. For example the selection of the Screen Layout menu item and the CO2 Setup menu item below would be shown as Screen Layout - CO2 Setup Messages (alarm messages, informative messages) displayed on the screen are written inside single quotes, for example ‘PEEP high’. When referring to different sections in this guide, the sections are written in italic typeface and inside in double quotes, for example “Alarms Setup“ In this manual the word “select” means choosing and confirming.  Related Documentation Clinical aspects and technical background: S/5 Anesthesia Delivery Unit, User’s Reference Manual Service, installation information and technical solutions: S/5 Anesthesia Delivery Unit, Technical Reference Manual Complement to User’s Reference Manual: S/5 Anesthesia Delivery Unit, Cleaning Instruction Poster Monitoring functions in detail: S/5 Anesthesia Monitor User’s Reference manual S/5 Anesthesia Monitor User’s Guide Capnomac Ultima Reference Manual Related clinical information refer to following documents: Patient Spirometry, quick guide Patient Spirometry, appliguide Patient Oxygen, appliguide First step in CO2 Monitoring, appliguide Optimizing low and minimal flow anesthesia, appliguide  Warnings In this guide you will find text labelled “Warning” which is an indication of a situation in which the user or patient may be in danger of injury or death. The label “Caution” indicates a situation in which the unit or the devices connected to it may be damaged.
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