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enFlow Quick Reference User Guide Issue 1

Quick Reference User Guide

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Quick Reference User Guide ®  enFlow IV Fluid Warmer  1.  3.  Attach the control unit to the drip stand (Fig 1).  Holding the cartridge with the arrow pointing upwards prime slowly making sure all air is removed from the cartridge and the line (Fig 4).  Plug the warmer unit into the controller unit, making sure that the connector is pushed in firmly and twist to lock. Connect the power lead to the back of the controller unit and connect to a suitable power outlet. Turn on the unit. The switch is located at the back of the unit (Fig 2).  ®  SmartSite needle-free system  (Fig 1)  Place the cartridge within the warmer unit, aligning the bevelled edge of the cartridge with that of the warmer. Slide the warmer doors inwards to close (Fig 5). As soon as the doors are closed the warmer will begin to warm the fluid (Fig 6).  (Fig 4)  (Fig 5)  (Fig 2)  2. Connect the warmer cartridge to the giving set and attach the small extension (Fig 3)  To remove the cartridge simply open the doors and remove.  The cartridge has an arrow on the front which shows the travel of fluid to the patient.  (Fig 6)  4. The warmer is designed to be positioned where convenient. In order to maintain the fluid temperature it is recommended that the warmer be positioned as close to the site of infusion as possible.  (Fig 3)  The warmer unit has a clip on the cable that is designed to secure the IV tubing in order to prevent kinking. There is also a clip on the cable so that the warmer can be secured to the bedding etc.
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