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Voluson Ultrasound Probe Cleaning and Disinfection Guide for Covid-19

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Voluson Ultrasound Probe Cleaning and Disinfection Guide for Covid-19 Step-by-Step Guide for Disinfecting Your Probes This content is extracted from your Voluson™ User Manual. Information on compatible cleaning products may be found on the last page.  Probes Diagnostic ultrasound systems utilize ultrasound energy that must be coupled to the patient by direct physical contact. Depending on the type of examination, this contact occurs with a variety of tissues. The level of risk of infection varies greatly with the type of contact. One of the most effective ways to prevent transmission between patients is with single use or disposable devices. However, ultrasound transducers are complex and expensive devices that must be reused between patients. It is very important, therefore, to minimize the risk of disease transmission by using barriers. Action  Daily  After/Before Each Use  As Necessary  Inspect the probes  –––  X  X  Clean the probes  X  X  X  Disinfect endocavity probes  –––  X  X  Disinfect all other probe types  –––  X  X  Warning/Caution: • All probes that contact non-intact skin or mucous membranes (e.g. endocavitary, transesophageal) require 		 High Level Disinfection. Handles of those probes that are not submerged during High Level Disinfection require Low or Intermediate Level Disinfection to avoid cross contamination • After each use, inspect the lens, cable, and housing of the probe. Look for any damage that would allow liquid to enter the probe. If the probe is damaged, do not place it into any liquid (e.g. for disinfection) and do not use it until it has been inspected and repaired/replaced by a GE Service Representative • DO NOT use a twisting motion or abrasive paper products when cleaning or wiping a GE Ultrasound probe. The use of abrasive wipes can damage the soft lens (acoustic window). To extend the life of the probe lens, pat dry only • Use caution when cleaning the connector. This cable connector should only be cleaned with a slightly dampened cloth or wipe. Exposure to excessive moisture will result in damage to the probe and possibly the ultrasound console. DO NOT wet the connector/console interface surface or labels and ensure no liquid comes into contact with the probe connector pins or labels
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