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iVent201 Operational Verification Test Rev 1 Addendum


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iVent201 OVT Instructions  The Operational Verification Test (O.V.T.) must be performed every time a patient circuit is connected or re-connected to the iVent201 ventilator. This test checks the integrity of the patient circuit and audible alarm functionality. Two plastic caps for covering the ends of the patient circuit are required for the O.V.T., these are included with all patient circuits offered by VersaMed. The O.V.T. is composed of two phases: Phase 1: Checks the integrity of the patient circuit. During this phase, the circuit is sealed at both the patient connection and the exhalation valve outlet. Phase 21: Checks occlusion in the patient circuit and the audible alarm functionality. During this phase, the circuit is sealed only at the patient connection. To perform the automated on-screen O.V.T., follow the instructions in the Operator’s Manual2, Section 3.1.2, Page 70. In the event that O.V.T. fails repeatedly in Phase 2, perform an alternative manual test by following the “iVent201 Manual O.V.T. Instructions” document3.  Note 1: This phase applies to software versions 19.11.00 and later. You can verify the software version of your ventilator under Menu  Maintenance  Configuration.  Note 2: The instructions refer to Revision 12 of the iVent201 Operator’s Manual P/N: OM-01-04.  Note 3: Document ID DOC0742888, P/N: 350D0255-01  REF 350D0314-01  DOC0714094, Rev 1
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