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iVent201 Recommended MRi Safety Usage Guidelines May 2010

Safety Usage Guidelines

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iVent201 ICU Ventilation “Anytime, Anywhere”  Recommended MRi Safety Usage Guidelines This guide has been developed to assist caregivers in their efforts to ensure safe and effective operation of the iVent201 in the MRi suite. Usage outside of these may cause UNWARRANTED damage to your ventilator. The following guidelines will allow for safe and effective operation of the iVent 201 in the MRi suite. These guidelines are a supplement to the already established recommendations published and provided with each new ventilator.  BEFORE you bring your iVent201 into the MRi: 1. Requirement! - Have your MRi suite Gauss mapped for the 100 Gauss field line. a. Once mapped put clearly visible marking on the floor to mark the location of the 100 Gauss field line (see picture below). If you do not have access to a Gauss meter then contact Taleb Medical on 03 9330 4940 and arrange for a demo and Quote.  2. Requirement! - Do an environmental survey of the MRi suite to determine where you would like to position the iVent201 during the procedure. Take the following into consideration: a. Location of High Pressure O2 connector b. Visibility of ventilator screen from Control Suite c. Location of other equipment d. Access to A/C outlet. If using the battery you must have access to grounding.  100 Gauss field line  e. Mark the area on the floor where the you want the ventilator placed. 3. Requirement! - Establish precautions to prevent the iVent201 from crossing over the 100 Gauss field line a. Requirement! - Set the 2x brakes on the stand b. Strongly Recommended! - Connect a tether line to the ventilator i.e. cut O2 supply hose just long enough to prevent the iVent201 from accidentally crossing the 100 Gauss field or attach a nylon rope with non ferrous fittings to the iVent201 which is anchored to the wall. c. Strongly Recommended! - Best and safest practices recommend the purchase of Gauss meter which can be attached to the side of the ventilator whist in the scanner. In the event of a violation of the 100 Gauss meter line, the Gauss meter
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