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CombiCarrier II Application Guideline April 2011

Application Guideline

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INTRODUCTION  TAbLE Of CONTENTS  The CombiCarrier II has been designed to aid in the movement of an injured or ill person with a minimum amount of movement to the patient. The CombiCarrier II can be used similar to a one-piece backboard device or it can be separated in half and slid underneath the patient and then secured together similar to a split litter device. Specific application and operation techniques may vary from user to user. Hartwell Medical does not recommend that this product be used for any purpose other than what it is designed for as outlined in these application guidelines. Any other use or application of the CombiCarrier II becomes the sole and complete responsibility of the product user.  Product Terminology... 2 Important Information Specifications... 2 Introduction... 3 Authorization... 3 Customer Service... 6 Limited Warranty... 6 Return Policy... 6 Operating Instructions Application as a Split Litter... 4 Application as a Backboard... 5 Use with a Vacuum Mattress... 5 Use with a Basket Stretcher... 5  Physical Abilities of Users All users of the CombiCarrier II should be familiar with its operation and should possess the following basic physical abilities: a) be able to grasp firmly with both hands b) sufficient strength in their back, arms and legs to lift, push and pull the weight being handled c) good balance d) good vision and reflexes e) muscular coordination. CAution: At all times, a sufficient number of properly trained healthcare providers should be available to secure and move the patient on the CombiCarrier ii. use caution at all times when handling and maneuvering a patient secured to the CombiCarrier ii.  Storage... 6 Maintenance and Cleaning... 6 Parts List... 7 Training and Maintenance Log... 8  AUTHORIzATION A Word of Caution and should be made only with the authority of their local emergency medical service, and the aid of legal counsel.  These application guidelines are intended solely as a guide to the appropriate procedures to be employed when using the CombiCarrier II. It is the responsibility of the user of this professional medical device to obtain competent emergency medical training and instruction. The application guidelines furnished here are for use by properly trained and authorized emergency medical personnel who operate under proper medical control or under the medical supervision of a licensed Physician Medical Director. The application guidelines are not intended as a statement of the standard of care required in any particular situation, since circumstances and patient’s physical condition can vary widely from one emergency to another. Further, it is not intended that these application guidelines shall in any way advise emergency medical personnel concerning their legal authority to perform such activities or procedures outlined herein. Determinations are local,  Hartwell Medical Corporation firmly advocates the following: 1. Use the application guidelines set forth, when approved by your local emergency medical service authority. 2. Supervised emergency medical training is required in the proper use of the CombiCarrier II prior to field use. 3. Proper application of the CombiCarrier II requires a minimum of two trained emergency medical personnel. 4. Continuing medical education on a regular basis with “hands-on” experience is recommended.  3
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