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Transferring the Patient  Lateral Transfer Air Mattress  Note: Whenever possible, a minimum of a two-person manoeuvre / transfer is recommended.  User Manual  1. Log-roll patient and apply deflated Mattress. Ensure that the patient is in the centre of the mattress and feet are at the Foot End. 2. Click patient safety straps together, allowing sufficient length for the Airpod to inflate. Do not use these straps to transfer patient. 3. Plug the Air Supply Unit (Air Blower) into the power outlet and insert the Air Hose into ONE of the air inlet pockets found at the foot end of the mattress. Connect the popper. Secure the Velcro Flap to the Inlet Pocket. 4. For th transfer, make sure the transfer surfaces are as close as possible. Adjust surface heights to be level. A transfer board (bridge) should be used but the Air Mattress will function without the bridge provided the gap is not too large and a full risk assessment has been carried out ** - see below. Engage all brakes. 5. Prior to any manoeuvre, confirm that there is no obstruction in the path of the mattress for the manoeuvre/ transfer. Ensure that all patient support systems are free to travel with the patient, and the care staff are in position and trained in the procedure. 6. Turn the Air Supply ON. The ON/OFF Switch is located on the Air Supply Unit. 7. Once fully inflated, the Care Staff can grasp the handles of the mattress and gently transfer the patient between the surfaces or reposition on the current surface. 8. If transferring between surfaces, gently move the patient from the giving surface to the receiving surface until the patient is centered and in position on the second surface. 9. Turn off the Air Supply Unit. Remove the air hose from the deflated mattress. Unplug the power cord from the power socket . Store the Air Supply Unit so that it is ready for use again when required. 10. On completion of the transfer/manoeuvre or when required, gently log roll the patient off the Air Mattress and remove the deflated mattress.  WORLD WIDE (In English)  AirPod TM  D+  ATM Air Transfer MattressTM HIGH FREQUENCY WELDED >> WIPE CLEAN & USE Adaptive & Self Regulating Airflow Technology  ** Careful professional judgement needs to be exercised to ensure that any gap during transfer is not sufficiently wide to reduce the feasibility of a successful transfer and therefore place the patient or those carrying out the transfer at risk . In such circumstances your organisations approved procedure for the conditions or circumstances must be used which may include the use of a lying transfer board or similar bridging device.  A Rexyn Product  For Use in Care Institutions and at Home  YN  E  X  US & European Patents Granted Worldwide Patents Applied & Pending
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