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AURA Quick Reference Guide Oct 2012

Quick Reference Guide

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AURA® Quick Reference Guide This Quick Reference Guide has been produced to assist Healthcare Professionals and other users with only the functional aspects of the system. The guide does not replace the general safety warnings, cautions and recommendations provided in the product instructions for use, part number 500935EN. Refer to the product instructions for use before using this product. Indications:  •  The Aura cushion is designed for patients weighing up to 120 kg (264 lb). 1  The Aura systems are indicated for the prevention and/or management of all categories of pressure ulcer, when combined with an individualised, comprehensive pressure ulcer protocol. Contraindication: Do not use the system for patients with unstable spinal fractures. Caution: If patients have other unstable fractures, or conditions which may be complicated by a soft or moving surface, advice should be sought from an appropriate clinician before use. Caution: Active therapy (alternating) cushions may be unsuitable for patients with poor sitting posture or pelvic deformity; advice from a seating specialist should be sought. •  Connect the pump to the mains power supply using the supplied cable. Set the Run/Standby switch (on the side of the pump) to the Run ( ) position. Note: An internal battery will power an audible and visual alarm if the power supply is interrupted prior to switching off. For example if the mains lead is removed before switching to Standby mode. The pump alarm can be reset by switching the pump to Standby and back to Run again using the Run/Standby switch on the side panel. The Run/Standby indicator is illuminated when the pump is running.  The Low Pressure indicator will flash whenever the pump detects low pressure in the cushion. An audible alarm will sound. The pitch of the alarm will increase at 60 second intervals. The indicator will extinguish once normal pressure is reached. Check the tubeset is connected properly. In the event of mains failure, the Power Fail alarm indicator will start flashing and an audible alarm will sound. The pitch of the alarm will increase in time. If the power supply is returned the audible alarm will stop, but the alarm light will remain illuminated until the system is using the Run/Standby switch.  -  Comfort Control - The seat cushion cell pressure can be manually adjusted for patient comfort using the Pressure Control.  +  1. NPUAP/EPUAP International Pressure Ulcer Guideline, 2009.
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