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D920 and D930 Competency Assessment Form Issue 1

Competency Assessment Form

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`çãéÉíÉåÅó=^ëëÉëëãÉåí=  Name:  Ward:  Date:  Hospital/Department: Having completed this assessment, users will be able to demonstrate competency with the equipment to ensure correct application. Performance Criteria  Attained  Deferred Date  Describe clinical application for the equipment Identify key components: ON/OFF switch Volume Control Headphone Socket Battery Low Indicator Probe Battery Compartment Speaker Display Indicators Demonstrate and perform: Removal/Storage of Probe Remove and replace battery Using the headphones (Option) Demonstrate how to determine best probe position with increasing gestational age Demonstrate how to apply gel to the patient/probe Demonstrate how to hold the probe on the skin and adjust for optimum signal Demonstrate different sounds which maybe detected: Umbilical cord flow sounds Fetal heart sounds Placental sounds Maternal  Signature of Assessor
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