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dopplexAssist Vascular Assist Short Form Doppler Leg Guide Ver 6 sw


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Vascular Assist Short Form Guide Version 5 Software Application: 1.  Doppler Leg Arteries (waveforms and pressures)  Connect the Doppler probe and APPG sensor to any of the sockets on the side of the module. Connect the cuff and inflating bulb to the pneumatic connections on the module.  2.  to enter patient details and follow step 3, or press  Press  to collect waveforms  and follow step 4. Patient Details 3.  Using the QWERTY touch screen, enter ‘assist’ for the password, then enter the patients Surname or Ref. no. and press  .  If patient details already exist, use the  Alternatively, press  keys to select the name from the list.  to create a new patient.  Complete the Forename and I.D. No. fields. After completing the I.D. No., press  and  to exit the registration process. Check the details on the screen before pressing  to save the information. 4.  Use the touch screen to select Doppler – Leg Arteries. Follow next section to record brachial pressures or jump to step 9 to record Doppler Waveforms.  Brachial Blood Pressure Measurement  5.  Press  and wrap the cuff around the left upper arm. Use the touch screen to select  Left Brachial Pressure.  710392-4
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