Inditherm Patient Warming Quick Start Guide Rev 2.4

Quick Start Guide

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‘Quick Start’ Guide – Operating Room Use _______________________________________________________________  ‘Quick Start’ Guide – Operating Room Use  1. 2. 3. 4. 5.  Ensure there is no visible damage to mattress / blanket or control unit Ensure mattress is securely fastened to operating table using straps provided Ensure control unit is seated firmly on a flat surface or secured on a pole Connect mattress to lead, push until seated firmly Connect mains lead to suitable mains supply  6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.  Switch on green power switch System will automatically start up and go through checking cycle Once cycle has finished, change temperature if necessary (see below) Hold down Enable button and press Scroll button until desired temperature is shown If ‘over’ or ‘under’ temp alarm sounds, press alarm reset button If system continues to alarm, turn off power switch and contact Inditherm or local agent  Considerations 1.  Do not use Gel Pads. Clinical Evidence has shown the Inditherm mattress to be as effective as Gel Pads for Pressure Relief.  2.  Avoid clamping the mattress.  3.  The Inditherm system is conductive and will not heat up the environment, only when in contact with the surface will the user/patient feel the warmth.  4.  The mattress is X-Ray translucent.  5.  Store in accordance with instructions below.  6.  To disconnect mattress, pull connectors apart, do not try to unscrew.  7.  Take care not to trap the mattress cable.  Storage Instructions: To ensure the mattress is not damaged during storage, either keep flat or loosely roll with the printing on the inside. Do not fold the mattress or store other items on top of it.  Cleaning Instructions: Disconnect control unit from the mains electricity supply before cleaning it. Clean mattress and control unit with care using a damp soapy cloth and / or disinfectant wipes. For higher level of decontamination, use Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) solution. Do not immerse the mattress, blanket or control unit in fluids. Scroll Button  Alarm Cancel / Reset Button  Do not use autoclave or Phenolic based products for cleaning.  Enable Button  Rev. 2.4 : 09-09-05
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