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Parts List

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SpiroPro+ Parts List 706369 SpiroPro+, assembly (Jaeger) 706 470 SpiroPro, assembly (Sensormedics) Base unit for repair exchange purpose!  996118 Charger, Battery, t=3h, DC 600mA, 4.1Volt, AC 100-240Volt, 50/60Hz  918264 AC power cable, 250V /2,5A, 2x0,75qmm, 2m 918283 AC power cable, 125V / 3A, UL, CSA (North America), 1,8m 918284 AC power cable, 250V /2,5A, ASTA/BSI (UK), 1,8m 918285 AC power cable, 250V / 2,5A (South Africa, India), 1,8m 918286 AC power cable, 250V / 2,5A (Australia), 1,8m 708305 Adapter for Printer, Centronics (replaced with 706901 = USB -> April 2005)  706901 Adapter for Printer, USB 918266 Connection Cable to PC (9pin RS232) 780987 User Manual, Version 2.0, german/english
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