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THS - 05 series Technical Help Sheet May 2014

Technical Help Sheet

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Ref: THS/05display/JB/Jul-14 Technical Help Sheet – 05 Series display  The number shown on the display is the SET POINT. This should not have to be changed. The set point should be 4°C or 5°C depending on the model.  To change the set point if its incorrect then hold the SET button until the display flashes, then press it with a short press until it reaches set point required, though this shouldn’t need to be changed. (This should always be on 4 or 5) (Release the button and it will set).  To see the ‘actual/current’ temperature press the SET button once quickly.  To check HI/LO temperatures press the HI/LO button once quickly, the display will flash HIthen a number which is the maximum temperature, and then LO-then a number which is the minimum temperature.  To clear HI/LO temperatures press and hold the HI/LO button for a few seconds until it flashes. All of the readings will now be the same until it registers the new readings. (If in doubt check Hi/Lo temps to make sure they have reset)  Labcold Ltd, Cherrywood, Chineham Park, Basingstoke, RG24 8WF Tel: 01256 705 580 E-mail:  Page 1 of 1
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